Chairman of Deacon

Deacon George Williams

My name is Dea. George Williams,Ihave been a member of the Greater Mt. Olive Baptist Church from 1966 to present and have been Senior Deacon since2002. I'am the chairman of the Deacon Board for the church and as chairman, i have a variety of duties that require the pastor's trust. I represent the " Right Hand " of the pastor. Ultimately, my job is to disburse all communications from the pastor to the members of the congregation; I oversee all business management of the church, I'am assistant superintendent of the Sunday school, Sunday school teacher(when needed);in addition to other duties that need attention. As Deacon's we inform members of their tithes, Sunday school, Bible studies, attendance and their other obligations. I was call by God to do this work,I do not know how, except He spoke to me and would not allow me to overlook my calling. I was "hired" by God and told me "Do what i told you to do"! I will be with this church until God calls me home.

  February 2020  
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