Bible Study


          BIBLE STUDY  for Fall 2009 -Spring 2010


                              KINGDOM READY


Introduction: A. Casting all your cares upon him-Take not thought Matthew 6: 25-33  B.  Kingdom ready –John 3:  -Except you be born again of the water and the spirit .   Completed


I.      KINGDOM-WHAT does this mean ? –Everything that establishes God’s                order  and His rule  , His power his majestic, his will.  Completed


II.  KINGDOM MINDED-  Your  thoughts in order Completed


III. KINGDOM WORSHIP-   Coming into  Gods presence  Completed


IV.  KINGDOM OBEDIENCE-Whatever he say do it    Completed


V. KINGDOM EXPECTATION- these signs shall follow them Victories, Demons, Blessings. Warfare, Suffering,  (Current Lesson- In Progress)


VI. KINGDOM AUTHORITY-Praying principalities and powers


VII.                    KINGDOM WARFARE-The kingdom suffer violence


 Bible Study is every Wednesday from 7:00-8:00PM .  Bring your Bible and  notebook.  Come and lets "hear what the Spirit says to the Church"


ADULT BIBLE STUDY Wednesday 7:00PM-8:00PM