Doctoral Research-Domestic Violence

Hello Pastors,

My name is Connie Austin,  a minister, and a pastor's wife. I am completing my doctoral dissertation concerning the role of pastors who have counseled at least one woman who has experienced domestic violence. I need to interview pastors for my research.  Thanks, Dr. Allen Tyndall, Director of PastorCare, for allowing me the opportunity to recruit participants from the PastorCare site.  

 Volunteers Needed:    Pastors  who have counseled  at least one woman in Domestic Violence

What:    Interview for Research

Who:  Pastors who have been a pastor or pastored for 5 years or more and counseled at least 1 woman in domestic violence.

When:  November 2022 - February 2023

 Where: All interviews will be conducted  with ZOOM

  Note:  Confidential and Anonymous

Pastors, if you are interested, please add your name, phone and email below with the best time to contact you. Your name will not appear publicly but only to the researcher. I will follow up by email or phone, whichever you prefer, to answer any additional questions. If there are no questions, I will forward a consent form and schedule an interview date if you agree to participate.


Thank you in advance, 


Connie Austin

Ph.D.  Doctoral Student 

Grand Canyon University- Phoenix, Arizona 




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